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Implementing any new system in business creates both benefits and disturbance. Most CRM projects are either very restrictive or like building an arc. Long, labor-intensive and always requires a team of consultants to pick the reptiles and animals and how they will gain entry and what room will they reside.

Cool Life CRM is fundamentally different than the current CRM market and our competitors. Cool Life CRM provides the user complete and intuitive control over everything from screen views, data fields, reporting, processes and much more, all not ever requiring more than some basic training and guides for reference. As your business requirements change and grow, you will experience Cool Life CRM making your focus more about your business; and less about a program used to administrate and market alongside you.

Cool Life CRM will benefit business models that maintain a sales pipeline regardless of the volume of service or product. If you maintain an in-house call center, inside sales teams, outside sales, channel distribution network or online, Cool Life CRM will provide the information to power growth. Be informed of all business activity and end missed opportunities. Contact us for a needs assessment and product demonstration.

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  Financial Services

Today’s business requirements in the investment banking, private equity and valuation arenas are subject to compliance by FINRA and come under great scrutiny for security, privacy; all while still performing effectively so your firm will realize a measurable return on both time and money.

Cool Life CRM for Financial Services has worked with many client companies to develop a meaningful CRM that will serve the marketplace with all nuisances of transactions for buy-side or sell-side, private equity firms, project management, valuation practices as well as investment banking transaction detail.

Life CRM offers secure client portals for document exchanges, billing, and communications, complete email integration (IMAP, Outlook, Gmail, Exchange and more) with your contacts directly from our intuitive interface and much more. Perform marketing outbound and inbound for lead generation and manage your pipeline while building a longer lifecycle relationship.

Elevate your firms' data management, processes, and client-facing image; all resulting in increased engagements and effective use of resources.

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  Enterprise - EMM

Cool Life CRM works with businesses providing for many channels, multiple brands, some with a digital presence, retail, direct mail, and any combination either singular and or cumulative. Data may reside in legacy systems, some in email providers and potentially in local Access and Excel databases. The scenarios are typically always complicated and need reform.

Older legacy subscription management providers make accessing your data virtually impossible. How do you address this issue? Can data be consolidated while maintaining the individual business silo integrity? The answer is not as complex as many providers will tell you. This is known as a many-to-many data relationship.

Cool Life EMM platform will address your query processes, business rules, and deployment of proper data-sets utilizing the API process to all necessary third-party providers. Cool Life EMM will increase your company value in your customer data, help to identify new business opportunities from existing customer relationships, and save your company significant resources in manpower - including software licenses and hardware - while trimming your budget. Realign the savings towards new business development instead of expensive cost centers.

Another question may present itself: should we buy or build? Attempts to build a solution in-house has a few pros, but many more cons.

Should we build an in-house solution?



Fiction – Build in-house Truth – Cool Life EMM
• Keep and control our data • You will control ownership and access to your data, always
• Vendors do not understand our needs - • We have years’ experience seeing what works within most scenarios and the skills that come with that experience.
• We will own the system and we can build it with our IT team • Who wants to own what you can rent. Technology changes faster than you can effectively stay current with in-house
Con’s Pro’s
• Expensive hardware and coding (Capital intensive) • Subscription Model simple expense  
• Lack of redundancy – hardware – staff • Redundancy and Disaster Recovery plans in place
• Lacking Experience establishing API’s to vendors • Work with leading providers fluidly and currently maintain over 20 working API with well-known vendors. We also publish our API documentation,

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