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Cool Life CRM Platform enables a 360° marketing solution coupled with a full Relationship Life Cycle
process, providing valuable insights for business leaders in real-time




What Cool Life CRM will do for your business

Push your website
Push your website's communications directly into your CRM
Complete Sales Cycle
Complete Sales Cycle management and report results in real-time
Oversee Engagements
Oversee engagements and projects, and connect time & billing seamlessly
Nurture Relationships
Nurture relationships and communicate and data & documents, improving client lifecycle
Charles Botchway
Charles Botchway
Chief Executive Officer
Madison Street Capital
"Cool Life CRM & team are attentive and responsive to our requirements and concerns. More importantly, Cool Life CRM is dynamic in its ability to fit every company."
Implement process & create profits 

Cool Life CRM will improve your knowledge of your operation, giving insight into areas that need improvement and impact profitability.
Communicate with your clients using accurate reporting and clarification to their urgent requirements.


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  Find Prospects

Reach your audience directly with a properly optimized website, Hoovers & LinkedIn connection, and a convertible call to action to use on whitepapers and published articles.

  Improve Process

Streamline your workflow, utilizing project management, and enabling accurate & profitable deliverables, while tracking time and billing embedded with intuitive functionality.


All of your relationships, referral history, communications, and notes show up in a single record view, which allows you to discover new opportunities.



It’s essential to create an "enabling" environment for your employees to ensure they can perform at their best for your company as people are a vital element of a successful business.



Characteristics, including pricing, packaging, sizing, market need, and targeting is an essential blend of considerations when developing your product. 



The final element is a company’s process, ensuring the production, marketing, and delivery that will bring satisfied customers and any necessary follow up customer service. 



If your company seems stuck and can't get to the level you'd like, take a look at the people, product, and processes in place at your business. If all ingredients are well placed, then the outcome should be a measurable profit.

Cool Life CRM


Cool Life CRM enables a 360° marketing solution coupled with a full Relationship Life Cycle process, providing valuable insights for business leaders in real-time.

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