Who Should I Market To?

Permission Based Marketing
It is important to send out only permission-based Email Marketing. If you are marketing to recipients who did not request to receive emails from you specifically, they can be perceived as spam and can harm the domain reputation of the company, resulting in being blacklisted or filtered by several layers of services.

Marketing Lists
Building your list can be done in several ways. Start with data you already maintain in your database. Having this imported correctly is vital to starting a solid database in order to eliminate duplication of records and data. Please remember that if you are currently using an email service, you must obtain the current “bounce list” you  have established with your historical use. 
Subscription Opportunities
Another way to increase your database is through networking, trade shows, seminars, point-of-sale forms, events, and customer and prospect calls as well as one-to-one email messages from your personal email. Subscribers can also be added through surveys, shipping forms, confirmation/transaction emails, receipts/invoices, press releases, trade show lead forms, publications and many other ways that you may already utilize within your company to attract opt-in audience.
When collecting data, keep in mind that you may at some point want to segment your data with geographic, industry type or other relevant information. Whether it is demographics, interests or any other form of segmentation that is relevant to your company, you want to collect this data when inputting a record. Make sure that your forms used for submissions collect this information.

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