Keep Your Data Clean

Remove those contacts with phoney or missing data.
Where a customer has entered a fake phone number i. e. (12) 234 5678. It probably means they do not want to be contacted. If you do not have emails or phone numbers for a contact, they are considered useless.
Remove people whose email bounces back
If an email bounces and you do not have the information to update this contact, then remove from mailing lists.
Remove businesses with no contacts.
Sometimes having completed 1-4 you will have no contacts at a specific company, you can then decide whether to remove the company details as well.
Delete old documents.
You may wish to review documents added to a Business Account. Some may no longer be useful. Take care with invoices and contracts.
User admin – delete any users who no longer work for your company.
Remove users who have left the company or no longer require access to the CRM.
Delete any prospects or opportunities which were not properly closed.
You may have created entries to include prospects or opportunities which now no longer exist.
Delete irrelevant tasks.
If tasks are too out of date to complete, get rid of them.
Delete old reports.
There is nothing more frustrating then searching through a long list of reports you no longer need.
Discard old marketing deployments.
Campaigns may have been set-up that are outdated, or abandoned. Delete these details.
Delete old email templates.
Again, why wade through a long list of templates, when you only need the two or three latest.
Review your dashboard.
Refresh your dashboard page to hold the data you really need.

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