The Vice President of Sales position is a new role at Cool Life, in recognition of the Company’s current round of financing to support substantial growth. This executive will be responsible for creating a sales strategy, and then staffing up to fulfill these growth prospects. Cool Life has been screening resumes for the position and is confident that the Company is in the position to attract an individual with the proper experience and motivation to be very successful. The role reports to the CEO, with a high degree of collaboration with the other senior executives at the Company. Stock ownership in the form of incentive options will be a part of the compensation package. The location of the Executive will be at its headquarters in the Raleigh NC area, home of the fabled Research Triangle Park and its pool of talented technology workers and know-how.

The VP of Sales will be responsible for the entire sales operation and will manage all sales staff. The Executive will be involved in finalizing the Company’s 2020 Sales and Marketing budget, and then will set up sales and compensation programs designed for rapid growth. In Q1-2020, the Executive will hire, train, motivate sales staff and provide professional development opportunities on an ongoing basis.

Initially, the VP Sales will have both direct sales responsibility for high-level Corporate sales, as well as management of staff selling lower-level Corporate and Small Business accounts. A mix of face-to-face, trade show and Webex demos combined with telesales will in the sales process. The Executive will set sales goals with Cool Life’s management team, and then monitor progress toward these goals in weekly, monthly, and quarterly sales reports. Periodic forecasting of sales will be measured against the annual budget.

The individual will pay close attention to team performance, as the sales team will expand as Cool Life adds to its funding, in part to invest in lead flow. The VP of Sales will need to continually modify sales practices and processes as the company grows, to optimize the effectiveness of marketing messages and sales techniques. Cool Life has a legacy of open communication with clients; the VP of Sales will benefit from this, eliciting feedback on the most effective sales practices, and implementing changes as required.

The ideal candidate for the position will be a self-motivated and resourceful problem-solver with the ability to motivate team members. A robust collaborative sensibility is required, working with other Cool Life employees up and down the management chain, Cool Life is looking for candidates with strong written and verbal communication skills, reliable customer service experience, and organizational abilities; high-quality analytical, time management, and leadership skills; and a Bachelor’s degree or higher.

The Company is interested in hearing from candidates who believe they are a fit for the role and possess the capability to take a leading role in driving this Company to high levels of success. Please email your interest with a brief intro and case why we should meet, along with a resume to


About Cool Life CRM, Inc. Cool Life is a worldwide leader in customer relationship management for enterprises and small businesses. The company offers a wide range of services designed to capture and warehouse customer data, providing an easy-to-understand interpretation of customer relationships, providing a higher quality customer communication and marketing interface. For more details about the company, visit its website