As an avid reader of all industry issues, ideas and dilemmas, I came across a blog post on an analysts’ challenge that is worth the brief read;
There is an analyst who joined a year before me. He takes forever to do everything and he will disappear during the working hours for a few hours if the core senior bankers are not around and come back to the office really late to send out email like 3, 4 AM in the morning all the time and put out those ridiculous long hours on the timesheet. And everyone seems to buy that and think he's the hardest working person ever. Do people actually value productivity? When I'm in the office, I always work like a mad man because I don't want to stay too late or go in too early in the office. We do pretty much the same thing, but my hours on my timesheet are usually 20 hours less than his.”

First thoughts are is he just a complainer? Does the firm have nothing more to evaluate than time sheets? Is there a more productive measure of looking past a time sheet?
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