Cost containment comes in many shapes including system costs, data migration, enhancements, API and man power. Costs with most CRM vendors requires a “consultant or third-party programming”. 

Not with Cool Life CRM – from system costs that are lower than our industry competitors, data migration which we will provide, enhancements that are unnecessary as our unique product allows for “Configuration” vs programming, API’s that are published for your other vendors to connect or allow us to perform this service for you, and manpower costs that will allow for simple processes designed for one step data to be uniquely presented in all necessary views. Your business will be online and we will train your team.


Features Bronze Silver Gold Platinum or
Investment Banking 
Set-Up Cost $99 $299 $599 $2,599

Recurring Base Charge

$155 $255 $795 $1295
Included User Seats 2 3 7 15
Additional Seat Fee $45 $45 $45 $45
Comprehensive Data CRM        
View Editor and Screen Management          
Import Tool and Data Connectivity        
Redundant Back-Up & Export         
eMail / Outlook [ Gmail / Office 365 Integration        
eMarketing and Tracking        
User & User Class Manager          
Reporting Tool and Canned Reports        
Database Administration and Field Controls (One toOne, One to Many or Many to Many Data)        
Project Manager and Workflow        
Time, Subscription Tithe, and Interval Billing Module         
 User & Class Management        
Contract Module        
Drip Campaigns Enriching Sales Pipeline        
Image and File Storage        
Website CMS Tools        
API Documentation (Read Write)        
Extra-Net Portal        
Blog Tool        
Client Status Reporting (Investment Banking)         
Data Migration       5HRS
Additional Services Available
Data Migration         
HTML Development         
Website Design        
On-Site Training        
API Connections        


Cool Life CRM


Cool Life CRM enables a 360° marketing solution coupled with a full Relationship Life Cycle process, providing valuable insights for business leaders in real-time.

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