The CLCRM Backup System uses highly trusted backup and provisioning software to take multiple live backups of all databases every day and store them for use. At any time in the event of a catastrophic crash or user error resulting in the loss of data the database can be restore swiftly with simple commands in our protected internal network.

As this is a flash of an entire database dump, there is a 100% backup of data each time and thus no chances for a loss of data from any backup. Multiple backups a day ensure that users around the world will have at least several instances of significant backup to daily changes without having to lose a full 24 hours or more of data. A monthly milestone backup is also made in order to have double assurance, both sets of backups being protected by RAID Shadow Drive technology, ensuring that even if a hard drive were to crash and result in a loss of data, a secondary hard drive would retain the data and remain useable.

This double redundancy ensure that customer data is protected no matter the situation. All data is stored off site and in a professional data storage facility to ensure controlled and careful preservation of the data.


In order to test the system we issued commands to our test CRM to delete a 400 records in a database provisioned for testing purposes and after confirming the delete, ran the commands to restore the most recent backup of said database. We were able to double confirm that the records had been restored as if nothing at all had happened. We've done this delete in various different parts of the database and even on an database command level, then restored the database again after without fail just to be sure it could handle unique situations.