Without any real recognition, at least any at an offical copacity, in the past 10 years or so a good, solid, adaptable Customer Relations Manager has become more of a necessity then a luxury. In an attempt to simplify the process, unsung heroes behind computer screens have created softweare that gives us instant access to the information we need, all in one central location. Over the years, people like the guys over in out programmer room have done things like make everything you can think of available on any device, now employees can work on the go to deliver THE BEST service, and give customers what they really want: a painless, QUICK experience. While some people wouldn't even be able to tell you what CRM even stands for, the fact is that this is not a new concept. Even in the early 90's when financial services weren't even half as varied and confusing as they are now, people realized that handling all of the different customer and vendor relationships, keeping track of all the paperwork, email, notes... well that might just turn into the hardest job there is. The absolute necessity for something to make that job more managable was clear, I think it is said best in this quote from an assistant Professor in the Department of Management Studies at Bapusaheb Shivajirao Deore College of Engineering.

"After the recent liberalization measures taken in 1992, & as the consequences of privatization & globalization, the financial sector has witnessed deepening & widening of its products & services. Expansion & diversification has become the hallmarks of banking & non banking financial sector. There was a mushroom growth of nonbanking financial companies. Many spurious companies have also emerged in this period & competition intensified. In this new competitive environment & globalization trading practices, the marketing of financial services & products assumed greater significance. Today’s financial service market requires new strategies to survive & operate. They have to adopt new marketing strategies & practices which enable them tocapture the minimum opportunities with lowest risk in order to enable them to survive & meet the tough competition from global players of domestic & foreign origin. Here, the role of customer relation management comes in picture. In order to capture maximum number of customers available in the target market, it has become priority of banks to pay maximum attention towards their customers through customer relation management." -Mahendrasing Gangasing Rathod


I'm not sure anyone could have put it better, Professor Rathod made it very clear for anyone who has had their head burried in the sand for the past 10 years. There is a reason your client managers are quitting, there is a reason you can barely manage the clients you have let alone think about trying to get more. If you have not already moved into the ditgital era, your company will continue to suffer until you do. If you already have a system and you have trouble understanding how to use it, there is a reason for that. The company you signed a deal with wants you to have to come to them everytime you need even the smallest change or bit of help. They want the opportunity to charge you for anything you dont understand, so they purposely make it hard to understand, Thats not how things work at Cool Life CRM. We recognize that there is no "one size fits all" solution in the financial sector. We will not only work with you to provide the services that you need, but we have a system so user friendly and easy to understand, that you probably wont need our help. If you do need us you can reach us 24/7 through our client portal, giving you the ability to get any help at any time. The nest part is you will never be surprised by a fee, If something you need to customize or build is going to take enough time that we have to charge you, we wont make a single move until you give us the official OK. No more headaches caused by crazy bills that you never saw coming. We are here to take care of you not take advantage of you like some companies in this feild. Call today to find out more about this game changing toolset, let us take the complications out of your day.