Cool Life CRM Enters The Life and P&C Industries

Sanford, NC— Cool Life CRM is excited to announce a strategic partnership with Honorable Battles Company, LLC to provide corporate sales teams, C-suite insurance executives, and local insurance agencies consumer market insights to enter new markets, expand product offerings, and write ground-breaking new policies that are in tune with the rapid changing economic landscape.

Through our strategic partnership with Honorable Battles Company, LLC, we are the first CRM to project future sales channels based on a combination of consumer sentiment, basic business and statistical assumptions, current salesforce data set and direct business experience and expertise. Honorable Battles’ leadership’s knowledge of both Life and P&C insurance industries and products, its relationships with the best consumer data providers, and experience building customized data intelligence platforms, we can build customized CRM platforms based on unique business needs

 “Our commitment is to support our clients focused on improving projections, processes, marketing and growth in revenues”, said David Cummings, CEO at Cool Life CRM.

Cool Life CRM is a worldwide leader in the CRM and data marketplace. The company offers a wide range of services designed to streamline data and provide intuitive functionality. For more details and to take advantage of this offer, please visit the company website


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