Cool Life CRM provides CRM for Hometeam Capital, LLC 
Sanford, NC September 23, 2016 – Cool Life CRM provides clients the environment to build and maintain actionable information delivered in real-time. Hometeam Capital required reliable data enabling the firms’ professionals the ability to produce improved outcomes. Hometeam Capital, LLC. is based in Columbus, Ohio and focuses is financial instruments for the lodging industry for real-property. 
Cool Life CRM provides an intuitive web based CRM designed to empower clients with self-managed powerful tools. Reporting provided demonstrates measurable results with achievable ROI. Business clients require accurate, timely implementation absent unforeseen obstacles, budgets command cost containment absent runaway customization. Cool Life CRM delivers this with a Fast, Secure, Intuitive design accompanied by reliable live customer support, all US based.   
Clients acknowledge unparalleled satisfaction – “Cool Life CRM is much more agile, intuitive and seamless… Their team is responsive and always exceeds my expectations.” said Michael Yardley of Dowling Hales, Investment Banking Firm with offices in Chicago, IL and NYC, NY 
Cool Life CRM provides services in five countries, across all industries with a concentration in the investment banking, capital markets and valuation industries. Those needing to track data, processes and marketing to manage and improve revenue pipelines, enjoy this easy to use, mobile ready CRM solution.  
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