Core System

  • +How do I adjust my dashboard?

    The dashboard works by dragging and dropping the panels you wish to see into the place. You can adjust the size of any panel by dragging the panel to a larger, or smaller size.

  • +How do I update my password?

    To update your password, go to the My Account > Edit Profile button on the top, right-hand corner of your toolset at any time.

  • +What are system notifications and how do I view them?

    System Notifications are messages generated by the application that alert you to things like new e-mails or event invitations you have received, as well as news and updates to the Cool Life CRM product. When a new notification is received, a red “badge” icon will appear in the top right corner of the main system navigation, showing the number of unread messages.

  • +What are the different ways to make use of files through the system file browsers?
    Contact Any files that concern a specific contact should be uploaded to Files tab on the Contact record. If you wish for the contact to have access to these files, be sure to check the Public box at the bottom of the upload configuration. Company Any files that concern a company as a whole should be uploaded to Files tab on the Company record. If you wish for employees of the company to have access to these files, be sure to check the Public box at the bottom of the upload configuration. Web Use: Any files that are intended for marketing or web use should be uploaded to the system file browser. Instructions for loading files to the system, can be found in Content >> File Browser
  • +What is a dashboard panel?

    A dashboard panel is a Fully functional piece of your system, that is located onto your home screen for quicker, easier navigation.

  • +What is a To Do?

    A To Do is an action item that is associated with a specific record.

  • +What type of measures has Cool Life CRM taken to ensure disaster recovery?

    The CLCRM Backup System uses highly trusted backup and provisioning software to take multiple live backups of all databases every day and store them for use. At any time in the event of a catastrophic crash or user error resulting in the loss of data the database can be restore swiftly with simple commands in our protected internal network.

    As this is a flash of an entire database dump, there is a 100% backup of data each time and thus no chances for a loss of data from any backup. Multiple backups a day ensure that users around the world will have at least several instances of significant backup to daily changes without having to lose a full 24 hours or more of data. A monthly milestone backup is also made in order to have double assurance, both sets of backups being protected by RAID Shadow Drive technology, ensuring that even if a hard drive were to crash and result in a loss of data, a secondary hard drive would retain the data and remain useable.

    This double redundancy ensure that customer data is protected no matter the situation. All data is stored off site and in a professional data storage facility to ensure controlled and careful preservation of the data.

Client Portal

  • +How do I create a client portal account?

    If a member of your team needs access to the client portal, they can create a new account here:

  • +How do I submit a request to your team?

    To submit a request, you must have permission within your client portal. Log in and click on the icon that reads "Submit a Request" and follow the prompts.

  • +How do I view the status of my request?

    To view the status of an existing request, log into your client portal and choose the request from the provided list. Details will open. Note: you must have permissions to requests to view this feature.

  • +What is the best way to ensure I never miss a message from Cool Life's team?

    You should whitelist the domain in your e-mail account.

    1. Log in via webmail (GMail).
    2. Go to Settings.
    3. Go to the Filters Tab
    4. Add a new Filter
    5. Set it for "To:"
    6. Click "Set Up Filter"
    7. On the next screen, click the box for "Never send to Spam".
    8. Finish the setup.

    This will ensure that Google never internally blocks a message from our own domain. It's a very common issue with Google's Spam settings.


  • +Can I change the way a record is laid out?

    A record view can be updated by using the view editor. Fields can be dragged and dropped into proper placement for your daily workflow.

  • +How can I establish a subscription with a down payment and different recurring payment thereafter?

    Within your CRM there is a transaction screen, as well as subscription management. Using these tools, you can establish subscriptions on an individual basis This means, each subscription that you establish can have its own price and term length.

    First, establish a primary payment method for the customer. (Read more here)

    Next, create the initial payment as a "one-off" transaction using the Transactions module. (Read more here)

    Last, create the recurring subscription to the term and price desired. (Read more here)

  • +How can I place a list in my "favorites"?

    At the top, right-hand corner of each list, there is a star button. Marking this star yellow, places the lsit into your favorites, and make it more easily accessible from the CRM dropdown in your toolset.

  • +How can I update a record?

    A record's data can be updated at any time. Click on the field you wish to update, or open the entire record by clicking the Edit button, located at the top, right-hand corner of the record.

  • +How do I change a contact's associated company?

    To change the company that a contat is associated with, first add the new company. Next mark that company as primary. If you wish, you may then delete the old company.

  • +How do I filter a group?

    Click on the record list to view the data in tabular form. Click the "show filters" button and select the fields and values you will filter on. Click the filter button to implement the filter parameters.

  • +How do I sync my Outlook contacts with my Cool Life CRM?

    To sync your contact book from Outlook with your CRM, export your contacts into an Excel file. Then, examine your data to confirm it is all accurate for import. Once you have saved your tailored file, import it using our Import Tool into the CRM. For most accurate importing, complete it as company records first, then as contact records.

  • +How do I use CAP IQ with CLS CRM?
    Download the CAP IQ Plug in here:
  • +What if after I edit a record, I am unable to save the record as it reads the record already exists?
    Check the fields in your database to be sure that all of the appropriate settings are accurate. The unique identifier in the database is email address. If a record already exists with the email you are trying to use, it will not allow you to save that record. Also, verify that you are not requiring fields in your database for the creation of a new record, as most required data is already identified in a first name last name and email address.
  • +What is a company record?

    Company records contain all information on company with whom your business has a relationship with.

  • +What is a contact record?

    Contact records contain all information on an individual person with whom your business has a relationship with.

  • +What is a contract record?

    Company records contain all information for a contract that your company has with an individual or company.

  • +What is a CRM?

    The Customer Relationship Manager (CRM) is a tool for managing a company's interactions with current and future customers. It is a list of all of your customers and interactions you have had with them.

  • +What is a unique identifier?

    A unique identifier is is data that exists in only one profile within a system. Cool Life CRM uses unique idenifiers for contact records. These are email addresses.

  • +What is an event?

    An event is a calendar item such as a meeting, phone call, or demo, that provides information and reminders for attendees.

  • +Why does each contact record need a single primary email address?

    Email addresses are used as unique identifiers within your CRM. This makes it possible to address that each record on an individual basis.

Project Manager

  • +Can I change the title for a status?

    There are several different states that the system uses, but the  labels for these states can be changed to fit the needs of your business. Go to the Statuses tab of the Project Manager Settings to update the label, change the order, and set default statuses.

  • +Can I make a task or project type default?

    Yes, just mark the start next to that type within the Settings for that type.

  • +How do I create a template?

    Templates can be created and edited within the Poject Management Settings. Go to the Task Templates or Porject Templates tab and click on Create Template.

  • +How do I edit an existing template?

    Templates can be created and edited within the Poject Management Settings. Go to the Task Template or Project Template tab and click on the pencil icon next to the template you wish to edit.

  • +How do I load a template?

    When creating a new task or new project, use the Create from template dropdown to load an existing template.

  • +How do I update task and project types?

    To configure what the "types" of tasks and projects are for your system, go to the Porject Management Settings. Click on Project Types or Task Types. Here you can add, delete, or update the order of the types.

  • +What is a milestone?

    Create milestones to define the broad steps needed to complete the project.

  • +What is a project?

    A project is a sequence of tasks, planned from beginning to end, bounded by time, resources, collaboration, and required results.

  • +What is a task?

    Create tasks to define the small stepping stones needed to reach each broad step.


  • +Can bounces and block records be deleted?

    From the Bounces & Blocks list, you may filter on the logged bounces and blocks by various criteria, such as e-mail address, deployment and date. You can then select one or more bounces and blocks and delete them from the system, which will also cause the associated e-mail to be unflagged as invalid (in the case of bounces). Take great care when deleted bounces, as repeat bounces to large amounts of e-mail addresses can drastically decrease deliverability and hurt your sending reputation.

  • +Can I delete an opt-out record?

    System administrator level users may delete opt-out records from the system by clicking the record's red delete button. Before doing so, make sure that you have the consent of the e-mail address's owner in order to comply with the CAN-SPAM Act.

  • +How do I add a suppression list to my deployment?

    To add a suppression list to your deployment, use the dropdown menu location in the Recipients tab of the deployment and choose the list you wish to add.

  • +How do I add articles to my email deployment?
    In both the html and text bodies of your email, use the "Insert article content" button to chose what article piece you would like to add to the deployment.
  • +How do I add emails to a suppression list?

    Once a list is created, you can start adding email addresses one at a time, or add multiple email addresses at once using the space provided at the top of the suppression list.

  • +How do I create a new deployment type?

    To create a new deployment type, click on the New Deployment Type button at the top, left,hand side of the deployment types list. Note: When a type is created, a new static CRM list is created along with it. This CRM list is automatically attached to all marketing deployments that are assigned the associated type.

  • +How do I create a suppression list?

    To make a new suppression list, click the New Suppressions List button located at the top, left-hand corner of the suppression lists list.

  • +How do I create a template?

    To create a new email template, go to the Templates list and click on the New Template button located at the top of the list.

  • +How do I edit a template?

    To edit an existing template, go to the Templates list and click ont he pencil icon next to the template you wish to edit.

  • +How do I load a template to my deployment?

    To load a template to a new deployment, use the Load a template dropdown located on the list at the right-hand side of the Basic Information tab of that deployment.

  • +How is an opt-out created?

    An opt-out can be created by the owner of the e-mail address via your system's public unsubscribe page, or manually via the New Opt-out button located in the Opt-outs interface.

  • +How many times can I send a deployment to my approval list?

    You can send the deployment to your approval list as many times as needed before the deployment is started.

  • +What are deployment types?

    Deployment types are used to categorize marketing deployments and also provide a way for your recipients to selectively unsubscribe from only certain types of deployments.

  • +What does is mean if an email bounces?

    A bounce occurs when an e-mail could not be delivered because of some constant, unchanging condition such as the recipient e-mail address or domain name not existing. When a bounce is logged, the recipient e-mail address is flagged as invalid, and will not be delivered to again in any future deployment, unless the bounce is manually removed. This is to prevent the deliverability issues that arise from resending to bounced e-mail addresses, an act that many ISP's and e-mail providers deem as spam-like behavior.

  • +What does is mean if an email is blocked?

    Blocks are similar to bounces, in that they are logged when an e-mail could not be delivered to a recipient address. However, a block is only logged when a delivery failure occurs due to a temporary problem, such as the recipient email server being down, or if the mailbox is full. Block events do NOT cause an e-mail address to be flagged as invalid, and therefore can still be sent to in future deployments.

  • +What does it mean to schedule a deployment?

    Instead of starting a deployment immediately, you can schedule the sending process to start at a specified future date and time. Note that if needed, you can cancel a scheduled deployment before it started sending.

  • +What is a marketing deployment?

    Marketing deployments are used to efficiently send e-mail messages, such as newsletters, to a large number of recipients. 

  • +What is a merge field?

    Merge fields are placeholder values that represent data that is different for each individual recipient, such as their name or company. You can insert merge fields into your e-mail content in order to create a more personalized message

  • +What is a Newsletter deployment type?

    A Newsletter is any deployment that will be contain newsletter-type content. Check the box for this when creating that new type of deployment. This will cause the type to be displayed as an option on your website's newsletter sign-up form, if that module is enabled. If someone subscribes to this deployment type via the newsletter sign-up, they will be added to the type's associated CRM list.

  • +What is a suppression list?

    A suppression list is a list email addresses that, when added to a marketing deployment, will not be sent to under any circumstances.

  • +What is an opt-out?

    Opt-out records prevent e-mail addresses from recieving any marketing deployment of the associated type, or all marketing deployments if it is a global opt-out.

  • +What is the HTML body used for?

    The HTML body is the main e-mail content that the vast majority of your recipients will see when opening your e-mail. It is important to check how your e-mail content is displayed in multiple e-mail clients such as Outlook and GMail, to ensure there are no inconsistencies.

  • +What is the text body and what is it used for?

    The text body is an alternate version of your e-mail content that is plain text with no formatting or HTML-based content. While most recipients will not see this content, it is important to have in order to follow accessibility standards and deliverability best practices.

  • +What is throttled sending?

    Throttled sending provides a way to break up the sending of a large deployment into chunks. This practice helps with deliverability and the success rate of your deployments, and is highly recommended especially when just starting out.


  • +Can I export my reports?

    Reports can be exported by using the export button at the top, right-hand corner of your report. You will recieve an email with a link to the export when it is completed.

  • +Can I print my reports?

    Reports can be printed by using the print button, located at the top, right-hand corner of the report.

  • +How do I get a report to display on my dashboard?
    A dashboard panel can optionally be created for the report, which will display the selected report component; either the data grid, or one of the charts if they are enabled. This option is found under Report Details when creating or editing a report.
  • +How do I make set a report to default?

    Once you have opened a report, you can designate it as your default report by checking the box located at the top, right-hand corner of the report.

  • +What is a default report?

    A default report is displayed automatically whenever you access the reports area, or open it in a new window.


  • +Can I have more than one menu on my website?

    The Food Menu Items table manages several menus, that are all available for your website.

  • +How do I add a sermon to my church's website?

    To add a sermon to your church's website, go to the sermons page and use the edit feature on the Artwork Page module to add a new sermon.

  • +How do I link a document in my website?
    Adding a document to the website: 1. In the toolset go to File Browser (located under the Content Tab) 2. Upload to document or pdf 3. Right click on the file and click View 4. Copy the URL that appears at the top of the pop-up window to use as the URL for the link that you want this doc attached to on the website.
  • +What are keywords?

    Keywords are the word or phrase that someone types into a search engine to find something they are looking for.

  • +What is keyword density?

    Keyword density is how often your keywords appear in your Web site.

  • +What is Search Engine Optimization?

    Search engine optimization (SEO) is the process of effectively boosting the visibility of a website or a web page in a search engine's "natural" search results. Refer to the Best practices to learn more about SEO.

  • +Where is my food menu managed?

    The food menu is managed in th CRM. Find all food menu management under the Food Menu Items table.


  • +Cool Life CRM Client Portal Access

    If you have been provided your password, please enter your email address and password.

    portal login interface

    If you do not have your password, select the "Reset password" option and your access will be established

    Reset passord interface

    Update your profile with correct data by selecting from the menu for your profile, company profile and if applicable, your payment method.

    Client Portal Menu

    From the landing page view you will locate and manage all requests. Please use tasks related to any update or comments by selecting the task from the list

    Task history and active requests

    Selecting from the list, provide update as needed

    Update Request

    New requests and questions are submitted, including attachments associated with the request. You receive update to your email so you will have immediate access to our status.

    Request submission form

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