What Should I Send In My Email?

Relevant Email Content
It is important to keep your content relevant to your audience. As long as the content you are sending is relevant to the recipient they will continue to allow you to communicate with them. Within the relevant content you can also advertise by including links to your website, your company branding, and even products/services offered or that you would like to specifically highlight.
Senders’ "From" Email Address
Be consistent with who your email is from, whether it be from an individual person or the company name. Familiarity to the consumer is key in ensuring increased read rates. Make sure that the email address that you use as your “from” is of the same domain as your website. This will enhance the deliverability rate , avoiding filters.
Email Subject Line
Subject lines should be between 20 and 50 characters long to avoid being blocked by content-based spam filters. While subject lines that are too long can cause them to be filtered out of the inbox, subject lines that are too short can also cause the email to be overlooked. Make sure the reader can grasp the general idea of the context of your email from the subject line.  Also, never use all caps or multiple punctuation marks in your subject line. This will most likely cause your email to be marked as spam.
HTML and Text Content
When creating Email Marketing blasts make sure to utilize both the HTML and the plain text version. You want the content to be identical. If you create links within your HTML version make sure they are also included in your plain text version. Roughly 5% of your audience will not be able to view your HTML email, so the creation of both is important to increase the ability of your recipients to read your email.
Personalize Emails
Take advantage of the mail-merge fields available to you. Inserting various fields throughout your email will create a more personal email that will be more likely to get a positive response. Including personalization will also help with open rates.

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