Hints To Increase Deliverability Of Your Email Marketing

Ask your recipients to be added to their address books. You can do this by simply adding a brief sentence to the top or bottom of your email containing the email address that you will be using for them to add.
You also want to understand relevant legislation in regards to the content of your email. Our Email Marketing tool provides the technology and tools in order to comply with the Can-Spam Act of 2003, but the content is created by the end user and needs to be in compliance in order not to have your domain marked as sending Spam or be Blacklisted.
There are many key terms and phrases that you want to avoid when creating content. Many spam filters look for them in order to identify potential junk mail. Below is just an example of some:
Free No Cost Excessive "$" or "!"
% Off Accepts Credit Cards All New
Earn Money Avoid Bankruptcy Increase Traffic
You're a Winner! Subscribe Now Opportunity
Compare Act Now Collect
Promise Credit Amazing Call Now
Loans Discount Buy Direct
Get Paid Million Dollars Please Read
Don't Delete Removes While Supplies Last
Why Pay More Cash Bonus Stop
Satisfaction Guaranteed Friend As Seen
Web Traffic Hello Information Requested
Join Millions Member Subscribe
You've Been Selected Limited Time Sign Up
Special Promotion No Fees  

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