Effective Customer Relationship Management

Use all the features of the system instead of resorting to other ones.
You’ve invested in the CRM tool, so you should use it. Ditch the ways of maintaining your CRM and implement the new tools immediately.
Concentrate on customer lifecycle value.
Understanding the value of a customer relationship over time is an integral part of CRM. Set clear stages that your customers will move through.
Process all new leads using the CRM system.
Once you believe your staff knows how to use the CRM system effectively, insist on processing every new lead using these tools. 
Try a system that engages the customer directly.
Consider direct engagement with your clients. Allow your customers access to your system in order to update their information with you or giving you more details in their profile. In this social media age, you’ll likely find that many customers respond to this level of engagement.
Cross-reference with client social media profiles.
Some CRMs can track social media buzz about a company and/or its products. If this applies to you, your CRM best practices should include bringing clients and social media together at every juncture. As client relationships grow, collect details from their social media profiles to help foster long-term relationships.

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