Are you searching for the perfect CRM?

It is essential to create a plan for such an important decision. One never plans to fail, but rather fail to plan.

Scope your needs, wants and desires

Every business has specific requirements that will accommodate your process, your people, and your data. Take the time to discuss with key personnel about the necessary functions needed to allow all personnel/departments to function seamlessly and effectively while reporting the consolidated outcomes.

Determine your budget

The costs of all implementation planned and unplanned will impact your decision process. The fee paid for user seats and as well as the human resources to develop the process and data needs internally. Depending on the platform you select, potential consultants, programming custom needs, APIs to third-party applications will also need to be considered.

Establish a timeline

Timelines are essential not just for your selected CRM vendor, but also internally to provide deliverables necessary during the onboarding process.

Compare the features and benefits of qualified vendors

Solutions come in many shapes and sizes. Be sure the CRM meets and exceeds your criteria, including within the base costs and the soft costs, such as annual license fees, monthly or yearly fee structure,  features native to the solution vs. building functions.

The CRM system you select must communicate a knowledge of your business and support the following features

CRM Criteria
  • Contact management
  • Outlook integration
  • Apps integration
  • Account management
  • Opportunity Management
  • Reports
  • Dashboards
  • Case management
  • Knowledgebase
  • Field service (Mobile and App availability)              
  • SMS and Chat
  • Workflow Project Management
  • Escalations
  • Email marketing with reporting
  • Availability guaranteed: 99.9% uptime
  • Scalability: Easily scalable to over 5,000 users and over 10,000,000 records
  • Backups: We should be able to download full database backups daily
  • Disaster Recovery: Redundant data centers with less than one-hour failover time
  • Cost: The system must provide ROI, increased sales, and reduced a drain on your workforce.  


Your solution starts here

To accelerate your digital transformation, you need a new type of business application. One that breaks down the silos between CRM and ERP, that’s powered by data and intelligence and helps capture new business opportunities. Increase visibility and control by bringing together accounting, sales, product and or service visibility, and project and service management in a configurable and easy-to-use solution.

Accelerate business growth by making data-driven decisions in real-time and on a global scale. Cool Life CRM best fits your business and needs today and adjust down the road as your business grows and your needs change.

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  • Communicate with your audience, filling the pipeline and increasing opportunities.
  • Complete communication tracking integrated with your email
  • Full eMarketing Suite to fish for potential customers/clients
  • Customer/Client portal for your customers/clients to interact with you securely

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