Segmentation is when you break your lists into affinity groups. The most basic buckets for data segmentation are geographic, demographic, psychographic, and behavioral. According to MailChimp, segmenting your email campaigns will gain you 14.37% better open rates and 64.78% better clickthrough rates. 

Segmentation gives you the best opportunity to send the right message to the right prospect. In your digital marketing, you will want a structured testing protocol so that when you apply data matching to your prospects, you know how to message your copy and calls to action. For example, I owned a digital marketing agency and when we applied demographic profiling to one customer's prospects and best clients, we were surprised to find out that both cohorts were behaviorally inclined toward technology, even though it was an older demographic. This insight allowed us to adjust the copy in the nurturing email and increased our appointment setting rates by more than 30%.

Cool LIfe CRM creates dynamic segmentation for you. When you identify the kind of behavior or content consumption that leads to prospect elevation or a buying pathway, the system will create a list that dynamically updates. Your newly identified prospects will receive the perfect message tailed to exactly where they are on your buying pathway. The system does the work and saves you time.

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