Gathering and reporting the sales and marketing KPIs is a challenge in most organizations. Different levels of management need different reports and granularity. In Cool Life CRM, you can combine reporting from marketing automation through final sales numbers and report with just a few clicks. Your report will even be sent by email from inside the system.

You will just click the metrics that you need to report on, click, click, click, send. Your report to partners, LPs, executives, or managers is sent. You probably report different KPIs to different audiences. Now, instead of dreading the end of the month, you just click a few buttons and your great-looking HTML emails are sent. You no longer have to configure your reporting, or save PDFs then attach them to an email. Gone is wasted time making sure that you sent the right report to the right person.

In Cool LIfe, you can report on Project Management, Sales, Sales Pipelines, Prospecting, Marketing Automation, and Operations. You can break it down by company, division, department, or individual producer. Executives and partners might only want company and division, but sales managers will want individual producers. All of that reporting can be done in minutes, not hours or days. 

In project management, you will be able to see how projects are progressing. If you have a type of work that you do for clients you can create a project management template and deploy it to teams upon the signing of a new client. Then you can track progress across the entire swath of operational activity. For sales and prospecting, you will be able to see exactly how much income the firm has created and what stage your prospects are at. Marketing automation will show you how responsive your audience is and how effective your marketing is at reaching them.

Cool Life is built as a tool to help you be more productive and automate as many tasks as possible. You can even create custom reports that are date-ranged...just change the date range and hit send. To find out more schedule a 15-minute discovery call to see how Cool Life can help you and your firm create efficiencies and speed up your sales process.


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