What is Cool Life CRM?


Achieve internal transparency by having all contact with prospects & customers in a centralized intuitive CRM. Reside communications, transactions, documents, and more, creating a 360 degree understanding of all relationships. No matter how hard you try, you just wont find a more robust, easy-to-use toolset around.



  • Intuitive, Fast & Secure Automation

How many yellow sticky notes will you misplace, or how many emails will you lose before you realize there is an easier way?

Say goodbye to the grunt work forever with the most powerful CRM ever created. Just enter your prospect's email and contact data in your Cool Life CRM , then mange them all the way to a deal! 

  • Access Your CRM, Wherever You Go

Access contacts, track your activity and results from anywhere, any device, anytime! 

Cool Life CRM design enables access from a desktop, tablet or your mobile device. Track all of your contacts, active reports, and everything else you need with our intuitive interface and realtime syncing of your email communications.

  • Only Pay For What You Need

No more expensive, difficult, or irrelevant processes. Cool Life CRMs à la carte features provide you only the additional services you need, as you need them, avoiding those that you will never use.  Cool Life Express CRM is lightweight while being robust for small business owners. Cool Life CRM's platform was built to allow you to secure such features like additional users, project management, email marketing campaigns and other beneficial tools. With a la carte pricing, you will only subscribe to what is relevant and will provide an ROI on your investment.