Cool Life CRM

When making the right decision really counts!


Cool Life CRM enables a 360° marketing solution coupled with a full Relationship Life Cycle
process providing valuable insight for business leaders in real-time.

What Cool Life CRM will do for your business

Push your website
Push your websites communications directly into your CRM
Complete Sales Cycle
Complete Sales Cycle management and report results in real-time
Oversee Engagements
Oversee engagements, projects and connect time & billing seamlessly
Nurture Relationships
Nurture relationships, communicate and data & documents improving client lifecycle

Implementing Cool Life CRM will change Your Life


Business decisions are better made when you are well informed with real data. Engaging your SalesForce translates to more sales. Call and discover how simple.

Performance is measured giving ​you ​the ability to grow business, generate profit, and provided​ a road-map​ of tasks to achieve sustainable growth.







Cool Life CRM established itself as a leader by providing features and functions that are client managed, Fast, Intuitive & Secure.
Charles Botchway
Charles Botchway
Chief Executive Officer
Madison Street Capital
"Cool Life CRM & team are attentive and responsive to our requirements and concerns. More importantly, Cool Life CRM is dynamic in its ability to fit every company."
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